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(Section 53(1)(e) of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. ... ( a) Compliance with your request in the specified form may depend on the form ...
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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel I know I'm a total hot mess right now we literally just got back with K Bear from running a whole bunch of errands she was taking her nap right now which is amazing and awesome because I'm totally exhausted after this video I'm gonna go ahead and take it out myself yesterday we went shopping with caver I was I don't think you guys know that because it wasn't my daily vlog channel we went shopping and I picked up a couple stuff for her initially we went to go find the shoes and choose those later we picked up this it's really not that much so I thought I should just go ahead and share this with you guys it's luckily and many haul we still supposed to go and shop for her for spring and especially for summer because it's now we're literally fresh out of winter and its springiness getting worm and it's gonna be hot real soon so I thought I should just pick up these things that I picked up for her to just wait at school during those days when it's warmer and not rather cold but of course we'll go back shopping again for a whole bunch of on clothing that she's gonna be wearing throughout spring and summer so anyway I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys this thing is all up in my face I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys what we bought this time it's like I said bang mind it's not a whole bunch of stuff we initially went in to go find her shoes so we picked up a couple more steps stuff I'm going to set up with the things that we got from Miss surprise and the first thing that I picked up is this cute little top it says which the jury would believe it has these little things right here initially when I saw this I thought it was a crop top - was speaking I honestly thought it was a crop top but then I checked the Asian it said two to three years all right don't be a crap top so this is just a normal table that little kids weight and it looks amazing on her they kind of I don't know some reason it's - the lighting is just weird in camp but it's actually peach and white and then I went ahead and I picked up the sweater again it's just this New York / Paris travel selfie and a whole bunch of stuff written down there on it it's just a normal t-shirt really nothing fancy she can wear this with leggings or jeans or whatever really as long as she's going to school or she's chilling at home on and then the next thing that I picked up was this one that hardly ever bag heber like something green because i've always wondered what should it look like in a green top but I never got to see any cute green things when I went shopping for her but then this time I went in and I saw this and I was like oh my god I have to buy this and then I picked up so then the next thing that I picked up is this little again t-shirt it just fits seriously you've got to be kidding me and this seriously is like abbreviated which I didn't even know we could do that but apparently you came out so it's kind of cute and it has like a donkey face which...
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