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(Section 53(1)(e) of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. ... (a) Compliance with your request in the specified form may depend on the form ...
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( b) Upon receiving a request pursuant to this section, the Minister shall ensure that the processing of the request to which they relate is implemented in a manner which is likely to meet the requirements specified in subsections (1) and (2). Section 53 (a) (1) Notwithstanding anything in the Act, the Minister may, for any purpose referred to in this section, disclose any information obtained under this Act to a person who has asked for, or is requesting, such disclosure under subparagraph (b)(i) or (ii). ( b) Disclosure (i) A request for a disclosure or request for a copy of a record or report or any information in any form that relates to that record or report shall be made to the Minister in writing. (ii) A person who is provided with a disclosure must then provide the Minister the requested data or information. (2) Upon receiving a request pursuant to subsection (1), the Minister shall ensure that the processing of the request meets the requirements set out in this subsection. (3) Where the information is requested to be transmitted to a person or body pursuant to subsection (1), the Minister shall take the necessary steps to ensure that the data is transmitted only to that person or body. (4) The Minister may, where the Minister determines that the information is not required or should not be disclosed by him or her, refuse to comply with the request. (5) Any refusal or failure to comply with this section does not affect the validity of any disclosure or a request. (6) Subject to subsection (9), the Minister shall, pursuant to this section, establish, in accordance with the Statistics Act, procedures and time-limits for the disclosure of information. (6) (9) Where the Minister is required to perform any functions in relation to the release or disclosure of information under this section or where the Minister is required to do so by any other Act the Minister also has the functions and powers of an officer of a political subdivision. Section 54 Review of processing. (1) A review shall be conducted on an annual basis of any handling of a record or report under this Act. (2) Subject to subsection (3), the Minister shall determine the results of a review performed under subsection (1). (3) The following functions, powers, facilities and powers shall be exercised by the Auditor General: (a) to make audits as provided in the Auditor General Act; (b) to make inquiries, as provided in the Government of Manitoba Act and the Freedom

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